A new career and venture

When thinking of starting a new career and venture many thoughts and questions arise and we understand any apprehension you may have. Tudor Driving School is a long standing family business and has been coaching potential driving instructors since 1967, with a great deal of experience which can only be gained over a long period of time. Most of our business has been through or recommendation with over 80 Lincolnshire Approved Driving Instructors alone gaining their qualification here at Tudor D.E.C. in Lincoln. Many of our clients have gone on to be examiners, supervising examiners, police driver trainers and gained the highest qualifications.

We provide the most up to date facilities, prestige office accommodation, manned reception area, modern classroom ample free parking space at the training centre. Tudor D,E,C, will always guarantee you the most highly qualified personal coach who will quietly build your confidence. We will never ask you to take any test until we feel you are at the required standard to pass with no restrictions on how many hours training you receive. When you have passed part 2 of your qualification we can acquire a trainee licence for you which will allow you to regain much of your initial outlay while you are still having coaching for you final part 3 exam. When you qualify you are most welcome to continue as a driving instructor with Tudor Driving School.

If you would like to know more please do not hesitate to call us and make an appointment to come in and discuss any questions you may have with us and we guarantee to give you the most honest answers all free of any charge or obligation.

Be a driving instructor with Tudor

We are proud to say that a great many of the leading driving instructors now operating out of Lincolnshire gained their A.D.I. qualification at our Lincoln training centre.

If you are interested in becoming a qualified driving instructor please do not hesitate and give us a call. We guarantee to do our very best to give you the same success.

Lady, Potential Driving Instructors

You may have thought many times, now that you have a little more time for various reasons, that you would like to do something worthwhile where you can work your own hours that are convenient to you, meet new people if only for a short time. Do something that can make a great difference to a persons life. Qualify as a Driving instructor. Read how Jane decided on a new and great career.

"My name is Jane. Previous to starting my A.D.I. training I had not worked for eight years. When the time came to return to work I was looking for a complete change of career. After considering a few options I decided that driving instruction had a great appeal and was accepted by Tudor Driver Education centre here in Lincoln. I then had regular training with Rob Clarke here at Tudor D.E.C. with every subject being covered. Finally I had my first attempt at the Part three examination. My examination was in December. I felt fairly well prepared but a little nervous of quite what would happen on the day. I was delighted when I heard I had Passed with two sixes I feel with good training, preparation and a lot of hard work this qualification will be far more attainable."

What can I say but thank you. You said I could do it, but can you remember the last three or four lessons when I sat in your car and said it's all gone, I have no confidence. Then we sat near that pelican crossing when I could not give a briefing, so we had a drive round...

 J Leighton DOT ADI , Skegness - read full testimonial

Our Successes

We have printed just some of the successful driving instructors below and we are sure you will recognize some of them operating around Lincolnshire.

Alan Armstrong, Rocco Tarantino, Shane Rowett, Rick Parkinson, Jason Masterman, David Normanton, Richard Wright, Andrew Longley, Jacky Rogers, Tim Rogers, Alan Robinson, John Towle, David Westerby, Stuart Patchett, Simon Knoulton, Andy Bycroft, Jason wade, Alex Christie, Susanna Marrill, James Raggett, Chris Oak, David Coates, Luke Rickell, David Caldwell, Tim Storr, Mark Newboult, Lysette Walker, Andrew Riley, Ken Williamson, John Scarcliffe, Mell Giliatt. Mick Sharpe, Jane Clarke, Caroline Parker, Trevor, Mayfield, Gary Warner, David Wills, Terry Wilkinson, Susan Richardson, Chris Leary, Les Humphries, Natalie Silcock, Neil Blanchard; Michelle Ives, Sam Aires, Maurice Ward, Pantellis Polymeropoulus, Jane Burton, Phil Barton, Helen Hayes, Pete Atkins, Keven Williams, Rob Pullen, Alan Burgess, Gary Jones, Laurence Gilchrist, Walter Thatcher, Duncan Torr, David Wylie, Sue Waite, Danny Panter, John Davidson, Paula Butler.