P M Brindley DOT ADI , Rugeley

I find a must write you to express my gratitude for the standard of my training that has enabled me to achieve the above as I still can't believe it!!! I know you have probably heard this all before but you cannot know what this means to me though. I know it would not have been possible without your help and understanding as I know it's damned hard work for you as well as myself put through through it all i cannot remember a time when you were not enthusiastic patient and very supportive. I would also like to express my gratitude to your other pupils who I have enjoyed working with immensely and for the enjoyable training sessions you gave us.

I hope to keep in touch as I value your advice enormously and when it is time for my check test I would like your help and if I need to ask your advice that anything I hope I can speak to you as a friend and mentor, as they say in golf "you're the man"