T Rogers

I cannot give enough praise for Tudor! I started on the route to becoming a driving instructor in july 2007 and immediately got 'conned' out of a lot of money. Eventually I managed to get over the shock of what kind of people are out there and passed my Part One in October 2007.

I then went to another instructor who recommended I have four hours training just before my Part Two test. I failed my first attempt (obviously through lack of training) and had another attempt a month later which I also failed. At this point I was very disappointed as I was fully aware that I had one chance left and didn't really know where I was going wrong!

I then contacted Rob at Tudor and arranged to go out for an hours' drive with him. It became immediately apparent that I had not received anywhere near the training I needed to pass the test - there was so much more to learn to reach the required standard.

After quite a bit of training with Rob, things started to come together and I can now see that I would never have passed Part Two without his help and expertise. I had my final attempt at Part Two on 10th March, 2008 and I was extremely nervous but I managed to pass it this time with 3 minors. All I can say is thanks Rob - you performed a miracle! Now onto Part Three with Tudor, who certainly know what they are doing!

Instructor: Rob Clarke